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Millions of People Want to Marry This American Girl And The Reason Will Pop Your Eyes Out!

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C’mon we all know about the dating app Tinder. You like, you swipe and find your best match! Your bio plays an important role in finding the best match for. In the similar context, there’s is a story of Lauren a 22 years old girl from California, USA.

Her Tinder account is flooded with marriage proposals as her bio says,

‘Face 10/10, body 9/10, personality 20/10, arms 1/2.’ In. Love.

There’s a huge line of people wanting to take her one perfect hand and put a ring on it. Now if have noticed, it is written “arms 1/2”. Yes, Lauren has one arm only. She lost her left limb in a moped accident – she fell off the bike, hit a sign, and asked a police officer if she was going to die. She didn’t die but lost her arm.

Lauren explained she was on a moped when she hit the median in the road, flew off and sliced her arm. She stayed conscious all throughout her ordeal. Even after such a dreadful accident, Lauren is full of life. Her confidence makes people get attracted towards her.

She often posts her photos on Tinder. Lauren does all her work with just one hand. People get motivated by her. The result is millions of people want to marry her.

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