Lawrence Bishnoi bought a Rs 4 lakh rifle to shoot Salman Khan in 2018: Report

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has reportedly confessed to the police that he bought an RK Spring rifle for Rs 4 lakh to target Salman Khan in 2018 over the blackbuck poaching case.

The gangster reportedly conceded that he sent a member of his gang, Sampat Nehra, to shoot Salman in 2018. He likewise uncovered that Sampat couldn’t get a clear aim on the superstar as he was using a pistol, a report in stated.

The report additionally added that Bishnoi then purchased an RK Spring rifle for Rs 4 lakh from a co-villager of Sampat named Dinesh Dagar. The payment for the same is said to have been made to one Anil Pandey, an associate of Dagar. Afterward, the rifle was recovered from Dagar’s possession.

Prior, Delhi Police had uncovered that the gangster had claimed that his community will never forgive Salman Khan for killing a blackbuck. He likewise added that he will possibly reconsider his decision if Salman and his dad Salim Khan will publicly apologise to the Bishnoi community.

During interrogation, he stated that since the Bishnois believe the blackbuck to be the reincarnation of their religious guru, Bhagwan Jambeshwar otherwise called Jambaji, acquittal or punishment from the court won’t be the last verdict for him.