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The Untold Story Of Legend Bhagat Singh

“Aazadi ke matwalon ka dekha jab se tola..

Aag jo mere dil mein thi wo bhadki ban ke shola…

Jaga qurbani ka jazba, mera dil ye bola..

Mera rang de..mera rang de o maaye rang de basanti chola…”

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Bhagat Singh – The Legend… A name that every Indian takes with pride and respect. The 23 years old young heart sacrificed his life for his nation selflessly.  He was born in Banga village of Faisalabad district (previously called Lyallpur) in the Punjab province (now in Pakistan) in 1907. He was popularly known as Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh and considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement. He had a spirit of martyrdom since his childhood. On March 23, 1931, Bhagat Singh along with other legendaries Rajguru and Sukhdev were hung to death by the Britishers. It is since then to honour their sacrifices given for getting India freed from the clutches of the Britishmen, March 23 is observed in the country as Shaheed Diwas. 

Bhagat Singh

Today, we are going to reveal some untold facts of Bhagat Singh to take a closer look at the great revolutionary. Was Bhagat Singh shot dead? A book on Bhagat Singh named “Some Hidden Facts” with subtitle “Secrets unfurled by an  Intelligence Bureau Agent of British-India” claims Bhagat Singh was not executed by hanging. He was executed by bullet shots. The reason behind that was the British Authority of India was furious with the rising popularity of Bhagat Singh and his ways of exploiting the Government machinery. 

bhagat singh

He was becoming a sensation for bringing freedom to motherland India. So the group of English officers made a secret plan according to which they send a team of some officers to Delhi and convinced Lord Irwin and thus getting his silent consent to carry on their plan named “Trojan Horse”. The “Trojan Horse” was implemented successfully on March 23, 1931, when a fake drama of execution of the three young men was brought unconscious to a secret place in the Lahore Cantonment where they were shot dead by “the death squad”.      


To hide the whole conspiracy, the authorities had made arrangement for cremation at some secret place on the right bank of the Beas and the Sutlej convergence. Apart from that to divert the public attention, the authorities had made arrangement for another pyre at  Hussainiwala. They were also scared of the fact of postmortem which would reveal the presence of bullets in the dead bodies. A secret report by a Lahore agent revealed that on Monday 23rd, three convicted were hanged in Lahore jail at 7.15  p.m. but they were not allowed to die. 

They fell unconscious just after a few seconds of hanging and the unconscious bodies were removed to Lahore Cantonment on a big lorry which was full of wood. Then the father-in-law of Saunders fired bullets on the head and chest of Bhagat Singh and others. After that the dead bodies were taken to the selected site on the right bank of the  Beas-Sutlej river, where the last rites were performed, according to the religious faith of the convicted. 

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