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This Superstar Oscar Winning Actor is Dating a Girl Whose Mother is Even 2 Years Younger Than Him, Ex-girlfriend Was 17 Years Younger

Its more than 21 years now when the film Titanic got released. The film broke all the records and became world-famous. Leonardo DiCaprio who played the role of Jack in the film has now become 43 years old. However, currently, he is dating a girl who is only 20 years old, almost half of his age.

She is none other than model and actress Camila Marrone. According to the reports, the actor and the Camila were “hooking up” back in December 2017, after the pair were spotted shopping together at Barneys in Los Angeles that month.

You will get surprised to know that, Camila’s mom, actress Lucila Sola, who is also an actress is 41 years old, means two years younger than her daughter’s boyfriend. Whereas, Camila is 23 years younger than Titanic star. Recently, the couple has spotted all hand in hand near a restaurant in Los Angeles and were seen kissing.

Leo’s ex-girlfriend was model Nina Agdal who is 26 years old. She was 17 years younger than him.

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