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World The Only Cricketer in The World Known to Have Been Sentenced to...

The Only Cricketer in The World Known to Have Been Sentenced to Death

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There exist many cricket players in the history that were sent to jail for committing various crimes. But there also exists a cricketer who not only sent to jail for murdering someone but also sentenced to death penalty. He is none other than West Indies’ cricketer Leslie Hylton. He was executed for murdering his wife.

Reasons why he murdered his wife

Leslie Hylton was a fast bowler of West Indies, who played for his country in between the years 1935-1939. He played 6 test matches and took 19 wickets. During this time his average was 26.12.

  • Hylton murdered his wife as she had an extramarital affair. His wife’s name was Lerlin Rose who was a daughter of a police officer from Jamaica.
  • Leslie met Lerlin during a match against England in 1935. They fell in love with each other and after some time of being in a relationship, they married in 1942. After 5 years of marriage, the couple got blessed with a boy.
  • After 12 years of their marriage in 1954, the disputes between the two started soaring up. Actually, Leslie’s wife had a business of dressmaking, she used to go New York and stayed there for weeks for the same.
  • In 1954, Hylton got a letter anonymously which revealed that his wife had an affair with Roy Francis who used to live in Brooklyn Avenue.

  • Hylton asked his wife to come immediately from New York and told everyone from his family about the letter he got.
  • Larlin came back and denied all the accusations but accepted that she casually knows Roy.
  • However, Hylton found all those letters from the post office that Larlin had sent to Roy. Hylton got shocked he asked his wife that why she did this to him? Then Larlin replied, “you are not of my level, you never kept me happy, I feel sick by seeing you!”
  • This made Hylton angry to the core, he got out of his senses and shot at Larlin by his gun. Larlin killed on the spot and he got arrested by the police.
  • He shot 7 bullets into Larlin’s body. The court found him guilty on October 20, 1954, and he was executed on May 17, 1955.


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