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High Life List of Lesser Known Creatures From Hindu Mythology

List of Lesser Known Creatures From Hindu Mythology

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Hindu mythology is a large figure of mythical narratives in Hinduism found in Hindu texts such as the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana, Ancient Tamil literature etc. Every child born in a Hindu family may be heard the stories from Hindu mythology that includes some creatures that beyond imagination. The imaginative and hybrid characters have been associated with power, beauty, greed, humility, wisdom, cruelty and lot other things. Many of the mythological animals are quite famous and have been used in modern literature.

1) Yali

It is a part of a lion, part elephant and part horse, and in similar shapes. Yali sculptures are widely used on the walls and pillars of South Indian temples. It is said to have the strength, fearless, and speed of a lion.

2) Airavat

Airavat represents an elephant with 4 trunks, is pure white in color and has wings.

3) Makara

It is shown in some scriptures with head and jaws of a crocodile, an elephant trunk with scales of fish and a peacock tail.

4) Gandaberunda

it is a bird which is imaginary in the Hindu mythology. This two-headed bird is said to possess magical strength and can be seen sculpted in many temples across the country.

5) Navagunjara

It has the head of a rooster, the neck of a peacock, the waist of a lion, the hump of a bull, the tail of a serpent, the leg of an elephant, another leg of a tiger, yet another leg of an antelope and a human hand holding a lotus.

6) Chakora

It is a red partridge in Hindu mythology which feeds on moonbeams. It is obsessed with the moon.

7) Kamdhenu

Kamadhenu is a cow and described in Hindu mythology as the mother of all cows. She is miraculous and provides whatever is desired by the owner.



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