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Lesser Known Facts About Infosys Making It An Awesome Workplace

Infosys is an NYSE listed Global Consulting and IT services Company which was established in 1981. The company today has more than 179,000 employees. In the Company’s magnificent journey of over 30 years it has grown to become the first IT company from India to be listed on NASDAQ creating some of India’s first salaried milllionaires. Besides, here are Some lesser known facts about infosys that make it an awesome workplace.


  • The company started from a capitalof US$ 250 and now has a market capitalization of approximately US$ 36.4 billion.
  • Infosys announced the creation of a $250 million (Rs 1,550 crore) ‘Innovate in India Fund’ from its recently expanded ‘Innovation Fund’ to boost PM Narendra Modi’s digital initiative.


  • It is the world’s largest corporate university with its training center in Mysore.
  • All the freshers are accommodated in a three star service hostel during their complete training.
  • You don’t need to call any senior as sir/madam. Just directly by their name.
  • Subsidized Cafe Coffee Days & Dominos (Subway in some locations)


  • A very good Laundromat facility for its employees where you can cater to your laundry needs.
  • Infosys acquired Panaya, Inc., a leading provider of automation technology for large scale enterprise software management.



  • According to the company’s SEC filing last year, Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys commands an annual salary of $5.08 million and stock options worth another $2 million.

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