Rules or laws are meant to be broken and thats what we have been doing, from running red lights to downloading from torrent, (unintentionally of course!). There are some laws that we would never like to break to land into any sort of trouble, while there are those that we had no idea even existed.

Singing Happy Birthday In Public


What? Oh yes! If you’ve ever sung Happy Birthday in Public then you have broken a law. This is surely by far one of the silliest of laws but it is so as the Happy Birthday song has been copyright protected as per information by the Guinness Book of World Records which belongs to the Warner music company.

Creating a Fake ID on Internet


We have all done this atleast once in our lives, haven’t we? You’d be lying if you say tht you’ve never created a fake account on social media using a fake email id to stalk an ex or a crush. But guess what? Its a crime under the section 66D of Information Technology Act 2000 for impersonating an individual leading to imprisonment.

Digital Piracy


Downloading torrent is illegal. Yes! But did you know, Uploading or downloading any material, which can either be text, audio or video without the prior consent of owner is also technically, a crime under the copyright law and IT act 2000? So the next time you share your favorite song or video on a social media platform, be careful!

Betting! Even with Friends


Bet you didn’t know this one!(pun intended) We often go about betting on the silliest topics among friends but it is well Illegal. Betting for money is considered against the law or is heavily restricted so the next time you think its just a harmless bet for a treat in a nearby cafe, Think again!

Smoking in Public


Oh! We know this one, but we forget or don’t agree to follow it. But even so it is against the law and having a smoke anywhere in public is illegal under the  Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Rules, 2008. Smoking in public places which include malls, cinema halls, hotels, restaurants, parks, and even public transport can land you in trouble unless they have permitted smoking zones.

Watching Porn may not be Illegal but Sharing it is!


Though the recent Pornban was taken back by the SC but sharing porn or explicit content is still illegal. If a person publishes or transmits images containing a sexually explicit act or conduct then he/she can be charged under the IT act_2000, which may lead to imprisonment up to 7 years or/and Monetary fine.

Blaring Music While Driving


If you like to go out on a Gehri Shehri with friends blaring the latest Yo Yo track from your vehicle then watch out for Traffic Police! Because well, you’d be breaking a law and you will be fined for it so its better to roll up your windows and listen to it with the volume turned down a notch.

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