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High Life Let's Talk About One Common Fear: The Fear of Rejection.

Let’s Talk About One Common Fear: The Fear of Rejection.

FEAR! The term itself is bewildering! Ever since we are born and brought up to life we all face certain fears and possess insecurities deep down our hearts. These are the ones which we really don’t even feel like talking about because we think it is just ours and no one else would be able to understand! Well, first let us try and debunk the idea that they are not our own! Fears are various and universal. Everyone is somewhere deep down scared and insecure for one or the other thing! If they aren’t scared of death so to say, they may be scared living! Who knows! But let’s talk about one of such fears we all have and its reason:


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Ever since we are born, we humans possess a tendency to keep trying to give in above our potential, which we term as — BEST. In actuality, there is nothing called the Best, No one really ever wakes up in the morning to not to give in what they potentially can! Everyone tries to evolve, just their thoughts and methods vary, because we all are different.

quotes-to-help-you-love-yourselfEver thought why do we even do that? Why while writing this I try to give in everything I can recollect or why you are actually attracted to read this? It’s because we want to improve, it’s a world of the survival of the fittest. We as humans are compared and judged by other humans! Humans with their “limited” knowledge try to over power the other, thinking their knowledge is absolute without realizing that what the other may possess could be equally fruitful! So without emphasizing on someone else’s abilities,we think, mind it just THINK, that we are everything and the knowledge  we contain is total.

make-life-betterBut let us debunk–Thinking is a fruit of our own mind and our mind never possesses a knowledge of its own, it always is born out the circumstances we are brought up within! We always do what we find attractive/good and imbibe that within us and start behaving accordingly. Therefore we observe that our behaviours change, as the situations around change! Let us get it straight, we are never the same! People around us change, the culture around us changes and so do we. We cannot be constant in our lives.

tumblr_m9bnrtHFGl1r6dxlpo1_1280So where does this fear of rejection spring in? We are rejected due to a variation or difference in our thought process, not because we lack something. And wait, we aren’t even rejected, we are rather set free for some other opportunity that would suit us better and vice versa. Rejection is just the fear of our own mind. We are never born to impress people because they are diverse and you are one. 1:∞ (one is to infinity), can never really exist! So stop thinking you lack something. What we all lack, is the ability to accept that we all are different and we only possess a part of knowledge. No one is absolute.

buddhaWe all humans judiciously try to be accepted. We try to survive giving in all that we can, according to the set ways of society, or else we won’t be accepted! Just remember whoever questions you, is always a messiah because they help you think more and explore our inflexibility to answer them back and yet be accepted! But, the one who stops you should be avoided immediately because they are the ones who take the approach to life narrowly. They do not know that mistakes are nothing but mere lessons! So, when nothing ever is bad, why have a fear of not being accepted! Just make sure you accept your own selves the way you are! No one would be like you and you could never be like them! If you had to be them, you would not have been born and brought up in this world! Remember you are here for a reason.

love-yourself-quotes-20150125163444-54c51b242d740The only acceptance that we ever need is our own because the only person we spend our whole lives is no one but US! Everyone has inabilities, once you accept them and work over them, they are the ones that become your greatest assets! If you are not accepted by someone, it is because your thought did not match theirs and thoughts are never facts! They differ from person to person! So better look for the one who matches yours and helps you evolve rather than changing you looking for themselves in you! YOU ARE YOU AND THEY ARE THEY, IF YOU WERE TO BE THEM, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BE WITH THEM AT THE FIRST PLACE! REJECT THE WORLD RATHER IF THEY CANNOT ACCEPT YOU, LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHAT YOU ARE, YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY, DON’T TRY TO BE A REPLICA OF WHAT ALREADY EXISTS!

tumblr_mm9jhwtgi11so6ayao1_1280So the next time someone rejects you, pity them for their loss, for their mind not being like yours, for being so constrained that they could not be open enough to accept a change, and that change is you!

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