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News Li-Fi ,Internet From Light Revolutionary Technology

Li-Fi ,Internet From Light Revolutionary Technology

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Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity. Basically, it is the technology of wireless communication between devices using light to transmit data. The term Li-Fi was first introduced during TEDGLobal talk in Edinburgh in 2011 by Harald Haas. Harald Haas is from Germany who introduced this concept to the world.

This technique is really revolutionary in the era of the internet. Nowadays, we use radio signals to receive or send signals. But in Li-Wi, we will use light to receive or send signals.

Let’s know how it Works?

So, basically, it will use light to send or receive signals.LED light will flicker millions of time in a second to transmit signals which are not recognizable by human eyes. For us, the light will stay constant. It’s first and foremost advantage is that nobody can receive your internet’s signals unless you want. Because signals will be available only in the area where you install that light. So there are no chances to get your signals out. Another advantage of Li-Fi is that it will work fast than Wi-Fi. You have to use Li-Fi dongle to receive signals. Apart from this, as we know Wi-Fi technology is harmful to the environment and some species of birds because radio waves are harmful. But Li-Fi technology is safer and we can say that this is a green technology.

Present use of Li-Fi:

Nowadays Li-Fi is not as popular as Wi-Fi. The small number of people are using it. Because people have to install LED lights in there which is really expensive than using Wi-Fi. But in upcoming times it can work well. But we cannot say that it will replace Wi-Fi. Moreover, Wipro Lighting concluded an agreement with pure Li-Fi to develop applications for wireless communication and lighting market in Asia. Let’s see how it will affect the use of the internet.

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