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High Life Shocking - Life after Death do exist

Shocking – Life after Death do exist

What is life, where do we come from, where do we go after death, do life after death exist or its just a myth.

All of us must have at least one encounter with all these questions. Scientists forces us to not believe the existence of afterlife.On the other side  spiritual gurus inclines our mind to the other side of the book of life.

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Research gives the evidence of a patient coming out of his body after death.

In a study scientists have confirmed that a person can think after the heart stops working. A research gives the evidence of a patient coming out of his body after death. Brain stops all its activities within 30 seconds after the body stops getting blood (heart is ceased) and with that the word death makes its place. Death is a moment when your heart, brain, and lungs stopped functioning.

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A study shows one can experience the thoughts in his mind up to three minutes after death.


One of the scientists has said that “death is a reversible process”. If doctors are able to revive heart, lungs and brain then it is said “cardiac arrest” otherwise the term is  “death”. Some people who have survived cardiac arrest claims about there after life experiences.

Life after Death do exist

A 57 year old man claims his outer body experience. Man was able to recall each and every thing he observed after he was temporarily dead.

Doctors said that this was the first such incident to claim the “Life after Death”.

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