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High Life Do You Know, Famous Poet Meer Taqi Wrote Poetries on Homosexuality in the...

Do You Know, Famous Poet Meer Taqi Wrote Poetries on Homosexuality in the 18th Century

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Meer Muhammad Taqi Meer (Mir Taqi Mir) is one of the pioneers who gave shape to the Urdu language. Lovers of Urdu poetry often debate Mir’s supremacy over Ghalib or vice versa. It may be noted that Ghalib himself acknowledged, through some of his couplets, that Mir was indeed a genius who deserved respect. His poetry had two faces, one like a soft petal of rose that soothes the heart. And the other with a rage of madness.

The interesting aspects of Mir’s life are these –

Father left a lot of debt in inheritance to Mir

Mir’s father was a Sufi mystic. Mir lived a miserable childhood. But even then he never said or mentioned anything wrong about his father. Mir has not written anything about his mother. However, the way he mentioned about his stepbrother Muhammad Hassan, proves that he didn’t lead a happy childhood. Somewhere it is also mentioned that when Mir’s father died he left a debt of 300 Rupees and 200 books behind him. Later the books were captured by Mir’s brother Hassan. Once, one of his father’s disciples sent a cheque of rupees five hundred, which was also grabbed by his half-brother Hassan. And Mir again left empty-handed. Mir spent his entire life in 3 different cities Agra, Delhi and Lucknow. 

Mir was a man of immense self-esteem

Even though Mir had spent his life in immense miserable conditions but he never lost his self-esteem. Even if the King did not listen to his poems or Shayaris, Mir would stop reciting them. Sometimes he even walked away. He also expected respect from those from whom he used to take the debt.

Was the famous poet Mir Hossexualual?

In the poetries of Mir, one can see the different forms and ways of love. Sometimes in his poetries, he starts talking about taking revenge from the one who refused him in love or acts like a jilted lover till the extent of madness. Whereas, sometimes, his poetries speak of letting go! One can also witness the stories of a homosexual couple through his poetries.

He actually explains the love between a homosexual couple very deeply. As a Shayari always explains emotions or sentiments, so often this doubt arises that this experience is by Mir himself. And this Sher by him below somewhat proves that:

बाहम हुआ करे हैं दिन रात नीचे ऊपर

वो नर्म शाने लौंडे हैं मखमली दो ख्वाबा

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