Ambulance Driver Who Brought Sushant’s Dead Body Is Getting Threats

The case of Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide is getting more complicated rather than settling with time. Many people are not satisfied with...
High Life Life Lessons From The Bhagavad Gita Which Can Guide You In Life...

Life Lessons From The Bhagavad Gita Which Can Guide You In Life Worst Moments

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the largest and greatest spiritual Book. The teachings given in Bhagavad-gita is considered very important. Gita was written by Ved Vyasa. In the epic Mahabharata, When a confused Arjuna turned to lord Krishna for advice at that time lord stated some rational philosophical concepts that are even relevant today. Gita has been a spiritual guide to a lot of leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi during fighting for independence. Take a look at the important teachings.

Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good.

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So get over it. Whatever you are sulking about, forget it. The job interview that did not go well, or the relationship that did not work was bound to happen and it happened. Everything happens for a reason.

You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work.


This is one of the wisest advice given by Bhagavad-gita, do everything in order to do it, not in order to get something in return. Only because, if expectations are not met, pain is inevitable.

Change is the law of the universe. You can be a millionaire or a pauper in an instant.

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Nothing is permanent in our lives. The earth keeps revolving, it does not stay stable; the day ends and the night follows; after humid summers follow relieving monsoons. This reinforces the fact that impermanence is the law of the universe. Therefore being proud of your wealth is a sign of immaturity, because it can vanish into thin air in a minute. Accepting change makes you coherent enough to face any tough situations in your life.

The soul is neither born and nor does it die.

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We can achieve nothing if fear is instilled within us. Fear kills ambition, dreams and even the slight chances of progress. A fearless soul has nothing to worry about, because it knows it cannot be caged, and nor can it be stopped. Thus, the fear of death is absurd, as our souls don’t die. Fear and worry are two enemies, that are deterrents to our well-being. We must strive to eradicate them from our minds completely.

You’re your own best friend. If you have a problem, only you will have a solution to it, and not your friend. To find answers to your questions, you will have to look within. However these are the main life teachings of Bhagavad Gita.

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