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High Life Lighten your eyes with these foods

Lighten your eyes with these foods

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Our diet plays an important role in our health. That’s right that there are some foods that can change your eye color

Here is the list of 5 food you can try to give your eyes a lighter hue.

Honey:  We all know that honey is a sweet liquid that is made from bees. Honey contains a high level of fructose , glucose, and 70 -80 percent of sugar. It contains hydrogen peroxide which works as a bleaching agent in lightning the eye color. By eating organic honey one can have one shade lighter eye color. Manuka honey /forest honey works best for this purpose.

Spinach: Due to the presence of iron in rich quantity spinach has the ability to change eye color and makes the eye look brighter. Spinach is known to have alpha-lipoic acid that prevents stress and bring changes to the body.

Chamomile tea: Chamomile is known to lower down the stress level of the body and gives the eye a warmer hue, apart from this it also helps to remove eye fatigue, and blurred vision. The anti-inflammatory property of this tea helps reduce inflammation in the eyes. Chamomile works well if taken before going to bed.

Olive oil: olive oil is the fat that is obtained from the olive tree. Olive oil contains linolenic acid, and oleic acid that gives the beautiful soft hue to the eyes, adding this oil in the regular diet can help lighten the eyes.

Fish: Another food that is responsible for changing the eye color are sea foods.Sea foods especially fish is known to have a high quantity of phosphorus and minerals which are the prime factor that yields changes in eye color.  Adding the fish product to your diet can also result in permanent change.

So these are the foods that you can try on to change your eye color and make it a bit lighter.

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