News Technology Do You Know What These Lines Behind An iPhone 6 Really Mean?

Do You Know What These Lines Behind An iPhone 6 Really Mean?

Well, what’s so amazing about an iPhone is its superb camera. Not only does it gives you the wonderful desired selfies but also suit the sleek design of an iPhone. iPhones have seen a lot of changes from the 1st generation to the last generation, although their looks have remained pretty much the same till iPhone 5, it’s software and hardware specifications used to change a lot.

iphone 1 to iPhone 6
Source: Atmac

Where we praise the wonderful looks and design of an iPhone 6, none of us know it’s proper features. What’s so secret about this iPhone’s metallic design is its silver lines.

Have you ever noticed these two lines at the back of your iPhone 6 ? Well, these lines are just not for making the iPhone attractive but also to increase its functionality as:

line behind an iPhone 6
Source: Techinsider

As a great surprise to you, these lines are actually the antennas of the phone. Yes, the radio waves of an iPhone 6 transmit through them and if by mistake, any damage occurs to these lines or if these wouldn’t have existed then, unfortunately, your phone’s good connectivity also wouldn’t have existed.

These lines were hidden in the previous models of iPhones due to their plastic bodies but as the iPhone 6 models have metallic bodies, hiding them inside wouldn’t have helped the phone.

connectivity of iPhone 6
Source: Extremetech

Many users also complain that the plastic lines are actually the result of criticism of customers about the bad connectivity of the phone. That’s why the company decided to add external antennas to support its connectivity and extend phone’s service length.

If you are a bit worried after reading this article that your iPhone’s body also have a plastic part in it then don’t worry. The upcoming iPhone 7 models are supposed to replace these antennas with a metallic strip through which even the radio waves could also pass and the durability of a metal could also be maintained.

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