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News List Of The Best US Presidents, According to The Presidential Historians

List Of The Best US Presidents, According to The Presidential Historians

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In C-SPAN’s latest survey of presidential leadership, which polled 91 presidential historians, Abraham Lincoln remains America’s best president and James Buchanan came in the last place.

The survey was last conducted in 2009, in which Barack Obama was ranked 12th, sandwiched between Woodrow Wilson and James Monroe.

The survey ranked the former Presidents on 10 “qualities of leadership” (“crisis leadership,” “setting an agenda”, “moral authority,” “administrative skills,” “performance within the context of times,” “pursued equal justice for all,”).

Here is the full ranking of US presidents from the latest survey:

President2017 ranking20092000
Abraham Lincoln111
George Washington223
Franklin D. Roosevelt332
Theodore Roosevelt444
Dwight D. Eisenhower589
Harry S. Truman655
Thomas Jefferson777
John F. Kennedy868
Ronald Reagan91011
Lyndon Baines Johnson101110
Woodrow Wilson1196
Barack Obama12N/AN/A
James Monroe131414
James K. Polk141212
Bill Clinton151521
William McKinley Jr.161615
James Madison172018
Andrew Jackson181313
John Adams191716
George H. W. Bush201820
John Quincy Adams211919
Ulysses S. Grant222333
Grover Cleveland232117
William H. Taft242424
Gerald R. Ford Jr.252223
Jimmy Carter262522
Calvin Coolidge272627
Richard M. Nixon282725
James A. Garfield292829
Benjamin Harrison303031
Zachary Taylor312928
Rutherford B. Hayes323326
George W. Bush3336N/A
Martin Van Buren343130
Chester Arthur353232
Herbert Hoover363434
Millard Fillmore373735
William Henry Harrison383937
John Tyler393536
Warren G. Harding403838
Franklin Pierce414039
Andrew Johnson424140
James Buchanan434241

Source: QUARTZ

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