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High Life When Sharing Is Not Caring ! Here Is A List Of Things...

When Sharing Is Not Caring ! Here Is A List Of Things You Should Never Share

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Sharing is a great human value which everyone should develop. Its always good to share with someone if you have an extra piece of something. Like sharing your food with some needy and hungry person is a great gesture. As our ancestors said “Sharing Is Caring” , I believe this fact is true to almost all extent unless we talk about personal hygiene. Yeah ! Sharing is not caring when personal hygiene is involved. There are a lot of things that people should not share with anyone because of the risk factors it involves.

Here we bring 10 things which you should never share with anyone in order to maintain good personal hygiene :


A toothbrush harbors food particles that are naked to the human eye. These are left behind after you brush, allowing bacteria to form. Sharing toothbrushes is not a good idea, regardless if you practice good oral hygiene or not

things we should not share


One of the main bacteria culprits found on your toothbrush could be beta-hemolytic streptococcus, a bacteria that causes strep throat. This can cause you to get extremely sick and suffer from symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, cough, swollen lymph nodes and difficulty in swallowing.

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