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Hina Khan And Dheeraj Dhoopar Unveils The First Look Poster Of Their Upcoming Music Video titled Humko Tum Mil Gaye
Trending Little Changes In Lifestyle For a Healthier And Energetic You

Little Changes In Lifestyle For a Healthier And Energetic You

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Our lifestyles these days are mostly dominated and compromised by our work. In this rat race to earn and become successful we might lose something which largely essential. You need not push your limits between work and strainous fitness routines what’s good enough are these little changes in lifestyle for a healthier and energetic you and it won’t even take much!

Switch to glass bottles 


No matter how much we try to convince ourselves, plastic is hazardous for health and must be curbed.

21 Minute Workout every morn!


An easy 21 minute workout every morning is all your mind and body needs for attaining the right health and energy level.

20-20 minute rule


If you work daily in front of computer screens then you must follow this rule. Take a 20-seconds break after every 20 minutes while working on a computer.

Smaller Plates and Spoons and Bigger Bowls 


The best trick to eat less because your mind plays games with your hunger. a big bowl will allow you to have good amount of lentils and veggies or salad.

Start your Day with a Glass of Lukewarm Water


A Glass of Lukewarm water every morning enhances your metabolism.

Know about What goes Inside Of You


You must know the exact nutrition details of the food that you buy and eat.

Sweet Tooth cravings? A Dark chcocolate to the rescue!

Dark Chocolate Texture

If you often face terrible cravings for something sweet resort to dark chocolates as it has more benefits and lesser calories.

Commercial Time is Stretching Time!


Stretch your body whenever a commercial hits your TV screen in between the shows. You’ll be amazed how good it feels!

Take the Stairs No matter What!


Its the little things that will make a bigger difference.

Adopt the 2 Km Rule

Rugby Star Steps out for Friends Local rugby celebrity Chris Henry (left) is lending his support to this year's Belvoir Forest and Lagan Valley Walk for Friends of the Cancer Centre which takes place on Saturday 4 June.  Chris is pictured stepping out for charity with Kelly Donnelly, Events and Community Fundraiser with 'Friends,' and Peter Clarke, event organiser and volunteer.  The 10 mile walk is free to enter and includes a picnic lunch, but you must register in advance.  Registration forms can be downloaded from www.friendsofthecancercentre.com or get one by contacting Kelly at Friends of the Cancer Centre on 028 9069 9393.

If your errands are less than 2 kms awy from your place, walk! Burn fat than petrol or diesel.

Eat your Fruit than drink it


Don’t lose out on the amount of Fibre by drinking your fruits with added sugar.

Lemonade, Green Tea or Black Coffee Without sugar

coffee1Avoid those thick slurrpees and shakes and resort to these beverages.

Don’t miss out on Sleep

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Sleeping right rejuvenates you to help you get energetic and active through the day.

Sin To Skip Breakfast


Never ever skip breakfast no matter how late you’re running for work.

Food is only when you’re hungry not When You’re bored


Tough one! But you got it! 😉

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