Life is the greatest and the most precious gift we all have been rewared with but it is saddening to see people not acknowledge the beauty of it and miss its real charm. While we are very much alive and breathing most of us are just busy dying slowly, dream by dream, hope by hope, laugh by laugh. The certainty of mortality is what must urge us to stop counting years, months and days and start living for the moment at hand before that too slips away..

Before we totally run out of the sand in our hourglass, lets make each moment count by following these little steps to start living and stop existing..

Quit that Damn Job if it is doing you more Harm than Good.


Nobody deserves years of sadness and stress working your ass off for any amount of money. It surely isn’t enough to keep you happy!

Stop Living to Fulfill Somebody Else’s Dream.


Your life is a gift to you. Make your own mistakes, take your own decisions and risks. You can’t always please everybody and you don’t need to! Live for yourself and your goals.

Stay Close To People Who Love You.


Love them back. Please them if you have to and stay close to them. Because you live only once and in the end its the love that keeps you going.

Know Who You are. And Respect that Originality.


Every person born into this world is unique, yes, God’s that great an artist. But what we choose to do with that person inside us is all upto us. Know who you are deep inside and make sure you never lose that color that stands you out of the lot.

Make That Change. Do That Thing.


There’s always a call we’re scared to make, to maybe a friend we fought it real bad or that ex you’re seeking closure from or even to enquire about that piano lessons you’d been wanting to take for too long. Don’t keep that on hold anymore. Do it. Feel better.

Stop Worrying for Things Will Never be in Your Control.


why ever worry about the things we can’t do anything about? Things we have no control over whatsoever? Like our future. Who knows whats gonno happen or where we shall be when something does. Just make your best efforts for things at hand and leave the rest to fate.

Don’t ever Give up On your Dreams For any Reason..


Be it an essential resource like Money. Kepp them alive and work hard each day towards achieving it. No dream is worth dying because they’re too valuable to be priced with money.

 While you live to Fulfill your Dreams Make sure to Embrace the Present..


Whether you’re in a sticky situation at work itching to get out of it all the way to your bones, or travelling in a metro compartment with no air to breathe, don’t let go of all those feelings. Feel them through and through. Be it annoyance or happiness, Sorrow or Joy because you will only come out of it mature and wiser.

Move On From Whatever’s Holding You Back.


Moments pass and time slips away, no matter how refreshing or toxic. Learn the art of letting go.

Be Nice. Be a Better Person.


Being nice and being a better person for your own happiness comes when you do good without expecting anything in return. And the joy that comes from being warm and compassionate is unparralleled.

Listen to your Heart.


It may even ask you to do the silliest of things and take the most naive of decisions but its always worth it. Listen to your heart and follow what it says. Even if you would make a mistake you’ll learn something from it without the burden of wondering “what if”!

Speak Up For Yourself.


If you have an opinion from amind strong and able enough, make sure to voice your thoughts and opinions whether its for yourself or for whats right in general!

Let Happiness be on Top of your List of Priorities.


Don’t let the sinful wordly pleasures get the better of you so bad that you forget whats it like to enoy a good hearty meal with your family or a blissful slumber or a silly cute talk with someone special.

Because all we have is this moment to dream, to hope, to love, to smile and to live! Make the most of it and don’t believe anyone who tells you any other way.

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