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High Life Lohri 2017: One Of The Biggest Festival Of Lively State Punjab

Lohri 2017: One Of The Biggest Festival Of Lively State Punjab

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Lohri, one of the biggest festival of the state Punjab is just around the corner. It is celebrated every year on January 13. People of Punjab are all set to celebrate this festival with the traditional singing and dancing accompanied by bonfire set ups and sumptuous feasts. 

Lohri brings the significance of happiness and joy among the people as it marks the end of the harvest and distinguishes by the worship of fire. The fire or Agnee represents energy and spiritual strength. Various grains like peanuts, popcorn, puffed rice and others are ceremonially fed to the fire. The main dishes served during the festival is groundnuts, items made up of jaggery or gur which is actually made up of sugarcane syrup.

Rituals and traditions of Lohri

People chant prayers of goodwill in front of the fire and make their wishes. They use to take parikramas which are actually three rounds of the pious fire while throwing peanuts and sweets in the sacred fire. After this ritual ‘prasad’ is distributed that includes mainly six things- sweets like gur, gachak and revdi, peanuts, popcorn and puffed rice. Then all people set to dance together. They mostly do their regional dance Bhangra and Gidda on Dhol beats. The first Lohri of a bride or a new born baby is considered extremely important. 

The main traditional Lohri song sung by the people of Punjab during the festival is:

“Sunder mundarie, Hoy!
Tera ki vichara, Hoy!
Dulla bhatti vala, Hoy!
Dulle di dhi viyai, Hoy! Ser shaker pai, Hoy!”

Young boys and girls use to go in a group and roam around the other people houses, recites this song and ask for ‘Lohri’ which means money or shagun. Isn’t it excited!

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