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Entertainment Look-Alike Of Shatrughan Sinha Still Facing Problems From 17 Years For This...

Look-Alike Of Shatrughan Sinha Still Facing Problems From 17 Years For This Crime

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Today, we are going to tell you about a Lookalike of actor Shatrughan Sinha, who has established his own identity in the Bollywood industry. This lookalike is facing punishment due to being a lookalike of Shatrughan. Now the question must be coming in your mind that after all, why is he facing punishment due to this.

It is considered a matter of luck for every small or big artist to be a lookalike of big celebs. But if we talk about Shatrughan Sinha’s lookalike Balveer Singh, then he has not got any benefit of being a lookalike yet. It has proved to be a curse for him. For your information, Let us tell you that Delhi Police has been harassing Shatrughan Sinha’s lookalike Balveer Singh for the last 17 years. It is said that in the year 2003, when Shatrughan Sinha used to be a BJP leader, he used to come to Parliament very often. Taking advantage of his movement to Parliament, once Balveer Singh also thought of going to the the parliament and that was the reason why he is facing punishment in this case till date.

In 2001, when there was a terrorist attack on the Parliament House. Since then the security of the parliament was enhanced to a great extent. Actor Shatrughan Sinha’s lookalike was seen walking around the parliament and meeting people after the Parliament’s security was beefed up. Initially, the staff and security personnel of the parliament House felt that it was probably Shatrughan Sinha. But when it was revealed that he was not the real Shatrughan Sinha, then the policemen were shocked. When the policemen came to know the full truth about Balvir Singh, the policemen reached his house to interrogate him.

After interrogation, Delhi Police arrested Balvir Singh and registered a criminal case against him. Today, even after 17 years, Balvir Singh has to make rounds of the court. It is also said that once the media persons made Balvir Singh their pawn to carry out a sting operation in parliament. But later, the result was that the media men escaped leaving Balveer Singh alone. After the media absconding, Balveer Singh got caught in that case alone. When actor Shatrughan Sinha came to know about this matter, he was also very angry. He said that Balvir Singh joined hands with media persons in the smartness and today he is facing the same punishment.

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