If you were a TV  watching child when you were little, you must have watched ”Small Wonders”. The show chronicles the family of a robotics engineer who secretly creates a robot modeled after a human girl, then tries to pass it off as their adopted daughter. V.I.C.I.  was one cute robot but for the lawsons she was their own.

It was such a funny show!!

The show aired in 1985 till 1989. It will be very interesting to how the cast members have changed over the years!

V.I.C.I. (Voice Input Child Identicant) aka vicky the robot was the main highlight of the show. She is a pretty woman of 42 now!


Jamie Lawson, Vicky’s adorable and bossy brother was played by Jerry Supiran and he’s quite an old hottie now.

Vici and Jamie’s mother Mrs. Joan Lawson has aged beautifully over the years!


Dick Christie played the role of the male head of the family. He was a smart and loving father!


Harriet- the nosy little neighbor who spied on Vici but made us laugh everytime!


Well if you’re missing small wonders now, you can watch the first article of small wonders here


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