Entertainment Celebrity Gossips Prakash Raj Married Two times In His Life, Became Father At 50

Prakash Raj Married Two times In His Life, Became Father At 50

The winner of three National Awards, Prakash Raj is a notable actor, producer and director. He doesn’t need any kind of introduction.

Prakash Raj’s first marriage

Prakash Raj Married Two times In His Life

In 1994, Prakash Raj married Tamil film actress, Lalitha Kumari. They blessed with three children: daughters, Meghna and Pooja and a son, Sidhu.

But unfortunately, the little boy (4-year-old) died after he fell from a table while flying kite. The death of their son led to an estranged relationship between the couple. They then decided to file for the divorce.

Raj said about his separation from his first wife

“I live life the way I am and I didn’t want to lie so I sat my daughters down and explained to them why I wanted to divorce even though Lata did not want to let me go. My daughters are both with me and her. My office still runs her home and while I have divorced her, my mother, daughters and friends have not.”

Prakash Raj’s second marriage

Prakash Raj Married Two times In His Life

Prakash met a young choreographer, Pony Verma. They both started spending some time together:

“During the period that we were separated and had applied for a divorce, I met Pony who was choreographing for one of my films. I spoke to my mother and my daughters and said, this is what I want to do, but I wanted Pony to spend time with my daughters. I knew it was her first marriage, though I came with baggage. She also met Lata and my daughters, who said, ‘Cool dad, please go ahead’.”

Both tied the knot in 2010. Raj said: “I love her energy. I got married to her at 45. Probably, I would have become a little serious in life. But she brought romance and music in my life. It’s great to have a beautiful young woman next to you when you go out and can escape for a holiday. Suddenly, you feel younger and there is so much joy in my life.”

“Otherwise, I would have been a senior actor and like some other senior actors would have turned into a tharki. Being alone, you need a woman in your life. And then you have a woman who is 12 years younger to you, who is mature, who hugs you, who makes you feel like going back home. I love the way she has become a friend to my elder daughter Pooja, the way they talk and have secrets.”

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