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Luckiest Dog On The Planet! You Might Not Own Even 1 iPhone 7 But This Dog Owns 8

In the present era, each individual wishes to utilize the best and prominent devices on the planet. Sadly, best things aren’t shabby, would they say they are? On the off chance that we discuss smartphones, it must be an iPhone or nothing! Am I right? The most recent and most requested handset in the business sector today is iPhone 7. Because of its image worth and quality, it is among the most costly handsets. We too are additionally aware of the happening that people are even willing to sell off their kidney in order to purchase the worthy iPhone 7.

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However, here’s one such fortunate man who purchased not maybe a couple but rather eight iPhone 7 handsets. Yes, the truth is out! Shockingly, these handsets have not been purchased for a human being but for a dog. Yes, you read that precisely right. Trust me or not, this dog is presently the owner of EIGHT iPhone 7 handsets.

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This Alaskan Malamute named Coco is undoubtedly the most fortunate dog on the planet. I know you all are eager to get aware of the man who owns this lucky pooch. Wang Sicong who’s the son of China’s tycoon Wang Jianlin is the owner of the lucky dog. Strikingly, this is not the first run through the puppy has been given costly blessings. In 2015, Wang gifted his beloved dog 2 apple watches and shared the photos on online networking and the same valued Rs. 24,79,000 roughly back in those times. What are your reviews regarding the same? We would love to see your reviews in the comment section below!

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