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Lung Cancer Risk Rises As Breathing Polluted Air Directly Linked To Disease




Delhi government declared a public health emergency in the capital as it reached the alarming mark of 999 on the air quality index. The air quality in multiple cities in North India, including Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi and Patna is getting severe day-by-day. Moreover, the exposure to smog can cause multiple health complications in individuals, including an increased risk of developing lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Risk Rises As Breathing Polluted Air Directly Linked To Disease

Source: Daily Mail

Dr Manish Singhal, senior Consultant for Medical Oncology at Apollo Hospital said:

“Air pollution is one of the prominent reasons that can increase the risk of lung cancer. Over the last couple of years, I have seen a huge number of patients, especially women who are non-smokers and do not have a genetic history of lung cancer but are yet diagnosed with the disease.”

Also, a research branch of World Health Organisation named as International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified outdoor pollution as a carcinogen, i.e. a cancer-causing agent.

Further, Dr Kumar Prabhash Professor of Medical Oncology at TATA Memorial Hospital said: “The air pollution in urban areas is akin to inhaling multiple cigarettes simultaneously. In the rural areas, on the other hand, the resources like wood and dung which are used for cooking can put the families at risk of developing the disease.”

Steps You Should Take To Protect Yourself From Toxic Air

  1. Keep your houses well ventilated.
  2. Eat meals rich in Vitamin C and Omega 3 fat and avoids junk food.
  3. Limit your outdoor activities.

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