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Madhuri Dixit Still Regrets About Giving Smooch And Intimate Scenes With 20 Years Older Actor 30 Years Ago




Madhuri Dixit has been the most successful Bollywood actress of the 90s. He awesome dance skills and ace acting on-screen helped her gain a huge number of fan following. Well, when a star starts its journey sometimes unwillingly he/she has to compromise in Bollywood. These are some of the harsh realities of the show business. And this is what happened with Madhuri Dixit when she started her career.

In 1988 film Dayavan, when she just began her career in the acting industry, she was cast opposite 20 years older actor Vinod Khanna. In this film, there were a lot of bold scenes shot between the two stars. This created chaos and you won’t believe most of the people were reached to theatres only to watch these intimate scenes.

Madhuri Dixit signed this film because she was new and was running out of film offers after her debut film Abodh went flop. Before her, many popular actresses refused to sign this film because the role was short and was of a prostitute and also involved a smooch and other intimate scenes. Doing a smooch scene in the era of 80s was a thing of audacity.

Madhuri did this film out of choice. The lip-lock scene shot between Vinod Khanna and Madhuri Dixit in the film’s song Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hai is one of the hottest lip-lock scenes in Bollywood.

Years ago in an interview, the actress revealed that she really felt uncomfortable after giving that passionate lip-lock scene and regrets about giving it and repents that she couldn’t say no to this role. According to Madhuri, she should not have done this film.