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High Life Photographer Shows Love Moments And Life After Marriage of India's First Transgender...

Photographer Shows Love Moments And Life After Marriage of India’s First Transgender Couple

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A transgender couple! The term may seem uneasy for many especially in India where even today being a transgender is a taboo subject. But India’s first transgender couple has a different story to tell. Madhuri Sarode and her husband, Jay Rajnath Sharma were recently in the news for their first open transgender marriage in Mumbai.

Transgender Couple Madhuri Sarode and Jay Rajnath Sharma

A guy with roots from a UP’s Hindu family falling for a transgender and marrying her openly in a traditional Hindu ceremony. A transgender breaking the norms and living life on her own terms, not succumbing to society’s pressure. A photographer named Anu Pattnaik got inspired from them and explained their unique love story on pictures.

She captured their life after marriage beautifully. Anu says

“Madhuri’s beauty is guarded by Jay with honor and pride. Jay’s courage in accepting Madhuri in all her glory makes her shine even more bright. This couple’s requited love is an example we all need in today’s time. Madhuri’s valiant act of following her heart and pursuing her dreams went unnoticed in front of Jay. He could not stop but fell in love with her.”

The love moments between the couple is as same as others. They kiss, they hug, they cry, and they fight over small things. But how strong their relationship is, can be seen in public. They take pride in each other and their love. The couple got married in a temple on December 28th, 2016.

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