MADONNA Comes With The Most ‘CHALLENGING’ Post Ever On Instagram

Madonna has posted a striking new post on Instagram. It concerns a video in which the singer has pasted her mouth and eyes on tomato by means of a filter. She did that to spread a special message.

” Do you have a problem with tomatoes? Round, moist fruit? You probably think tomatoes are vegetables, but if you really think that, you’re just stupid. The tomato is a fruit, do you understand? ” the tomato head asks her fans.

Madonna Hot Photo

Madonna continues: “People sometimes come to me and talk about a hundred rotten tomatoes. You know what that means? That something is great”.

High expectations biopic?

The world star refers here, of course, to Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known website where film reviews are collected. A score of 100 percent means that all reviewers gave the film a positive rating. That rarely happens.

Who knows, it may be a signal that Madonna is challenging critics to give her upcoming biopic, which she herself has written and will be directing especially good ratings. However, her earlier films were not exactly warmly received.