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Mahesh Anand’s Death Mystery Continues, Called This Filmmaker Thrice Before Death

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Recently, the Bollywood got shocked when it came to light that famous actor Mahesh Anand who played villain-centric roles in the films died. He was just 57, the cause of his death is still unknown. Police found his decomposed dead body from his residence at Versova, Mumbai.

Now, according to the latest reports, filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani got 3 missed calls from him just a few days before his death. He was a bit busy at work when his mobile flashed Mahesh Anand’s name thrice in quick time. The calls went unattended. Pahlaj later called him back but this time, Mahesh did not pick up.

Was he wanted to tell him something? Pahlaj told a leading a website that, now he is feeling a guilt and he wish that he had attended those calls. He said, he got 2-3 calls from him but was busy in work but after getting free he called him but this time he didn’t respond. Adds Pahlaj, “I wish we had spoken.” Asked if he thinks that Mahesh wanted to tell him something about his state of mind, Pahlaj says, “I really can’t guess that.”

Pahlaj adds that earlier also Mahesh called him up seeking for work in his directorial film, Rangeela Raja. Mahesh was jobless for 18 years. Pahlaj said “I wouldn’t say I created a role for Mahesh in Rangeela Raja but yes, I fitted him in a certain role. We had worked together in many films in the past and I love to work with people I have a good rapport with.”

Mahesh worked with Pahlaj in his film Rangeela Raja for 7 days but he never expressed that he was alone and depressed. Pahlaj confessed that Bollywood is a ruthless industry which takes you on the head if you are a star and the day you start losing your work here it will forget you like you never existed.

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