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Trending Mahesh Bhatt Calls Kangana Ranaut 'Bachchi', Refuses to Comment on Rangoli’s Accusations

Mahesh Bhatt Calls Kangana Ranaut ‘Bachchi’, Refuses to Comment on Rangoli’s Accusations

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Kangana Ranaut created huge controversies when she targeted Alia Bhatt and her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor for not taking a political stand. Then she also lashed out at people who compared her acting with Alia Bhatt and called her acting mediocre.

Seeing Kangana’s attack on her daughter, Soni Razdan came in between and tweet against Kangana that she should respect that person’s daughter who helped her gain work in the film industry. Then it was Kangana’s sister Rangoli who jumped in the fiasco and said it was Anurag Kashyap who gave work to Kangana Ranaut and not Mahesh Bhatt. She also accused Mahesh Bhatt of hurling his shoe at Kangana during the premiere of her film Woh Lamhe in 2006.

Rangoli also attacked Alia Bhatt and her mother Soni Razdan for spreading hatred in the country as they have no right to do so because they hold British citizenships.

Recently, when Mahesh Bhatt was asked about Kangana’s allegations, he said, “She is a ‘Bachchi’, who started her journey with us. Just because her relative (sister Rangoli) is attacking me, I won’t comment.”

Mahesh further said, “Our upbringing and culture teach us that we should not raise a finger on our children. So saying anything against our children won’t be possible. My upbringing stops me to do so. Till I die, I will never ever say anything against our child because it is against my upbringing, it is against my nature”.

We wonder Mahesh Bhatt always have views on almost everything prevailing in the country and now when someone is putting their finger on him he is taking a side road. We don’t know who’s lying and who’s saying the truth but after Kangana and Rangoli’s allegations, the whole Bhatt family choose to stay mum. Soni Razdan also deleted her tweets and Alia Bhatt also said that, “I will stay shut no matter what people say”.

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