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Shocking Revelation by Dabangg’s Actress “Director Said If You Want a Role Then Come in Nighty”

In Bollywood, these days casting couch issue is doing the rounds. Recently many actresses have made many shocking revelations related to it. Now Dev D and Dabangg film actress Mahi Gill has come forward to say on the casting couch.

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Mahi Gill is known for her bold roles in the films. She revealed during her intial phase of the career she too faced casting couch. Mahi refused to take the name of the director but said that:

“When I went to meet that director I was wearing a Salwar Suit. He then said to me after seeing me in this dress that If you will come in Salwar Suit no any director will cast you in his film.”

After then when I met some other director he said that:

“I want to see how will you look in a nighty?”

We have such people all around. According to Mahi, she got confused and scared after witnessing such situations that how would she survive in the industry. She said she was new in Mumbai that time and didn’t know how to deal with it.

“After that, whenever I had to meet any director I used to take my friends along with me.”

Mahi debuted in the Bollywood with film Khoya Khoya Chaand. However, she got recognition with 2008 film Dev D.

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