The style of India is shifting to moustaches. Even mobile phones have also got a moustache these days. Getting a silky and dashing moustache can be a problem sometimes, especially for busy people and sportsmen whose busy schedule and sweating hard work stands as a barrier in the way of maintaining them. Here are some quite easy ways to keep your moustaches bold and flashy.

1. Trimming


All the facial hair are neither considered as a moustache nor a beard. So one should be removing his unwanted facials regularly to not to get a wild look. An earlier maintained moustache must also be trimmed to keep it in a proper shape. A time gap of about two to three weeks will be fine.

2. Shampoo

beared shampoo

Ever heard of a beard Shampoo? For maintaining a good beard and moustache, they should also be regularly shampooed like your hair. There are many good and different types of beard shampoos available for dry and oily moustaches. Choose your hair type and select a good one.

3. Combing


A comb can be used for many purposes while maintaining your beard like for twirling and trimming. Trimming should always be done with the help of a comb. People who want to keep a long moustache should properly part and comb their moustache.

4. Try different styles


Just like hairstyles moustaches also have a wide variety of styles like Wario, Pringles, trucker. The most famous one with the round corners is called connoisseur or handlebar. Choos the style which suits you best and which easy to maintain according to you.

5. Twirling


Twirling of moustaches should be done very carefully as it can either destroy or maintain the looks of your moustache. For twirling moustaches there are also many products available like beard wax and moustache wax. For an easy and smooth curl take a pinch of beard wax in your index finger and thumb and twirl the moustache in a finger-snapping way.

6. Damaged Moustaches

For damaged or very dry moustache, moisturising shaving creams should be used and after-shave lotions should be applied properly. The best way to repair a damaged moustache is to massage it with flaxseed oil.

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