High Life Fashion Avoid These Makeup Mistakes Now They Make You Look Older

Avoid These Makeup Mistakes Now They Make You Look Older

Makeup a thing that can change the way you look. It brings an appeal to your personality through a beautiful face that grabs attention. But sometimes women really don’t realize that the make up they are doing on their faces is a blunder and make them look older than their age. These makeup mistakes are pretty common so avoid them to embrace the charm.

1) Some women forget to moisturize their skin and this is one of the biggest mistakes. As we age, our skin starts getting dry so it is more important to moisturize it as dry skin make you look older.


2) Never forget to wear a sunscreen lotion as nothing ages your skin faster than sun damage.

3) To get a youthful look apply a layer of primer before you apply your makeup.

4) Don’t use a foundation of same product over some period of time. Your skin changes as you age so if you are using same product you were using when you were 13 years old, that’s probably not a good thing. When it comes to foundation, it is essential to pick something in the correct shade. Speak with a beauty consultant to find the perfect match. Avoid powdered foundation.

5) Use a concealer with a right shade and which is not too bright. Make sure the concealer you use to cover your blemishes might be too thick for the thin skin under your eyes.

6) Tugging on the skin underneath your eyes is a bad idea. It can lead to puffiness and wrinkles much faster. If you’re applying makeup to that area, try dabbing to blend instead.

7) Wrong blush shade can add ten years to your face. Also applying it to the apples of your cheeks is a blunder that can make you look older. Apply small amounts on the center of your cheekbone and brushing it backward.

8) Apply eyeliner on the upper lash line only. Avoid applying it to the bottom lash line. As all-black line tends to make your eyes appear smaller and makes you look older.


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