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Delhi’s Redlight Area Where Rich Women Buy Male Prostitutes Openly

Delhi’s Redlight Area Where Rich Women Buy Male Prostitutes Openly


Human trafficking is a curse on humanity. You may have often heard and read stories about women prostitution and redlight areas in India. But today we will tell you about a red light area in Delhi, India where rich women buy sex. Yes, we are talking about male prostitution. Male prostitution in India is growing day by day. In Delhi, there is a sex market where women of the elite class come and buy male prostitutes to satisfy their sex hunger.

The male prostitution is known as Gigolo market. These markets first started in the foreign but now it is grabbing its root in India. In many posh areas of India, Gigolo markets exist. Here an auction is made on the male escorts, high is the bid better is the man. Gigolos are male escorts or callboys. The Gigolo market in Delhi opens after 10 p.m. and closes at 4 a.m. Gigolo markets in Delhi exist at Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Palika market and Kamla Nagar market. Women from rich families bid on these male escorts.

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For some hours a Gigolo charges up to Rs 1800 to 3000 and for the full night, he charges rs 8000 and more. Not only this, man with the healthy physique and 6 pack abs have a price more than Rs 15000. The dealing here is so systematic. Gigolos have to pay 20% of their pay to their service providers. As same as female prostitution, some males made it their profession and some chose it out of choice.

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