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Entertainment Male Superstar Who Amazed Madhuri Dixit By Dancing As A Female

Male Superstar Who Amazed Madhuri Dixit By Dancing As A Female

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Ravi Kishan, who can be elaborated as a cocktail of Bhojpuri, Hindi and Telugu films, is a full all-rounder in his entire life. Ravi worked with everyone from TV to films from Shahrukh to Salman. Born on 17 July 1969 in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Initially, Ravi Kishan used to entertain the villagers by mimicking big stars, when they grew up, he started being Sita in Ramlila of the village.

Ravi always wanted to go into the movies. But his father did not like this filmy ghost on his mind. His mother said tiredly, “Son, either leave the film or home.” Then what, he left the home. The films had such an extent on him that he reached Mumbai without any preparation, just thinking that he will find the work. But everyone knows how oppressive Mumbai is. So he dealt with it in the same way. But with time, he started getting work. The first film was ‘Pitamber‘, it was not a desire to do the film but wanted money. Then Bhojpuri films also started working and today Bhojpuri superstars are called. The journey started since then till today. So far, he has acted in more than 200 films.

Let us tell you that one of his dialogues is very popular, ‘Zindagi Zhand Baa, Fir Bhi Ghamand Baa’, you must have also heard it. But the story behind this dialogue is more fun. Actually, according to Ravi Kishan, this dialogue is not from his film, but his own creation. In this dialogue, he was angry on a contestant in the house of the first season of the TV series ‘Bigg Boss’ when he spoke it.

In 2007, Ravi Kishan dubbed the voice of lead actor Toby Magwire for the third installment of the famous Hollywood superhero film Spiderman. After which Spiderman 3 was also released in Bhojpuri. It was the first Hollywood film to be dubbed and released in Bhojpuri.

Ravi Kishan has been in the habit of acting as women from the beginning. But after coming to the movies, he had lost this habit in a way, but his old hobby was rekindled in the middle. In an act for TV show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’, he played as a woman, seeing that the judge of the show Madhuri Dixit was also shocked. Ravi performed in this act on the song ‘Hothon pe aisi baat mein dabake chali aayi’.

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