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Entertainment Reason Why Malia Obama Wanted To Punch Reporter Lucian Wintrich Revealed And...

Reason Why Malia Obama Wanted To Punch Reporter Lucian Wintrich Revealed And It Is Actually Ridiculous

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Malia Obama the former first daughter is mired in a big controversy after her brawl with conservative White House reporter Lucian Wintrich. This is indeed a serious issue. Earlier Lucian had claimed that Malia dissed him and confronted him at a private New York City social club on March 25, saying she “wanted to punch him in the face’ after finding out who he was.”

He accused Malia of lashing out at him at The Parlour, a private social club in New York City, on March 25. The reporter for the Gateway Pundit claims that Malia approached him when he was at the club for a friend’s event. He said,

“I was at Parlor in New York City with some friends on Saturday night and one of my friends said Malia Obama just pointed at you and said, ‘I wanna punch that dude in the face. I started laughing. I turned around and it was Malia Obama staring me down so I tried to snap a picture while she was staring me down and she came up to me and started yelling,”.

He said then Malia said to me that,

“Do you want to have a conversation? Let’s sit down and have a real conversation, Then Lucian replied to her, Ok let’s sit down! Then the security took her away and at that point, Lucian clicked a photo of Malia’s shoulder, that he posted on his Twitter account. He claims that the security members who wore red hoodies grabbed her and told her to back off! The reporter sent out several tweets that night regarding the incident.

Lucian said, Malia, kept staring me at least for 20 minutes and I stayed at the club after that. He said he posted the tweets around 1:30 a.m and immediately after that got warned by the managers from the venue to delete the pictures and not to post anything wrong about the first daughter on social media.

So we decided to leave, Lucian said of he and his friends. The twist in the story is Lucian’s friend Martina Markota, she is a burlesque dancer and performance artist. She claims she was there when the whole incident happened.

“I was with some friends at this exclusive club in New York and I saw Malia Obama pointing at my friend Lucian and saying something about him, Malia got pissed at Lucian and started flying at him and yelling at him about having a conversation and Lucian was like, ‘alright, let’s have a conversation,’ but security took her away.”

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