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Trending Mallika Sherawat Reacts On The Gathering Of Thousands Of People At Bandra...

Mallika Sherawat Reacts On The Gathering Of Thousands Of People At Bandra Railway Station

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The whole country is undergoing a lockdown till 3 May. Meanwhile, some such situations are coming out which can spread the corona virus even more. One such scene was seen in the railway station of Mumbai, where thousands of people had gathered to go home.

Giving a reaction on this, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat shared a video on her social media account. Mallika wrote-

What is happening in Bandra, Mumbai, is it really the fault of these poor people?

Since then, this video is going viral and people are also commenting. Actually, the people gathered are trapped in Mumbai from far away and they do not even have money for food. They are saying that they want to go back to their homes. The transportation is also down. Now we have to see what kind of steps the government takes regarding them and what they say about these people going home or staying there.

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