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Mallika Sherwat To Play ‘Radhe Maa’ On Silver Screen? Really Happening, Is It?

After taking the whole os social media by storm, the road for ‘Radhe Maa’ doesn’t end here.


B-town is all set to make a movie on the now, ver popular ‘Radhe Maa’ and any guesses for the lead role? Well, Its none other than Mallika Sherawat who has been approached for this role. Alos, actors like Neha Dhupia, Rahul Mahajan and Dolly BIndra are said to be playing vital roles in the film. The music however, will be given by our very own ‘Bappi Daa’ who resembles closest to ‘Radhe Maa’ in real life, atleast when it comes to gold!



For such an interesting and ‘selling’ project such as ‘Radhe Maa’ I think Rakhi Sawant would have been a more apt choice! Anyways, no one cares what I think, Let’s just wait for some more ‘masaledar’ gossip on ‘Radhe Maa’ and her new movie.


Wonder What The title for this movie would be!