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Entertainment Malvani Police urges people to share information about Disha Salian's case

Malvani Police urges people to share information about Disha Salian’s case

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After the various speculations came up. Malvani Police urged people to share information about Disha Salian’s case.

Disha Salian
Disha Salian

Few days before Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. His ex-manager Disha Salian passed away. Disha passed away on 8th June after falling off from an apartment in Malad. Which was also considered accidental death by Malvani police. The 28-year-old celebrity manager died after falling off from a highrise in Malad. Now, as per the ongoing investigations in Sushant’s case the speculations are being made that there are surely some connections between deaths that took place in the span of a very short time.

Let us tell you that after the FIR was filed in Bihar, the police started investigating the case. In connection to Sushant’s case when the police approached for the death case of Disha. Mumbai police came with a statement that the suicide case file of Disha has been deleted. That has become another topic of discussion. While the inspection is still going on. As a part of the investigation, the police have urged people that those who have more information about Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager Disha Salian, should come forward.

This appealed surfaced after the Supreme Court on Wednesday set a three-day deadline to Maharash government to file a report of the findings pertaining to Sushant’s death, the Mumbai police have asked people to approach the Malvani Police station in Malad.

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