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Mamata Banerjee Plans To Name West Bengal As Bongo And The Reason Behind It Doesn’t Make Any Sense

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The West Bengal Cabinet on Tuesday decided to rename the state Bangla or Bongo in Bengali. It will be called Bengal in English. The news was confirmed by Trinamool Congress leader Partha Chatterjee, who said a special Assembly session will be convened to discuss the name change, ANI reported.


The Mamata Banerjee government had decided to drop “West” from the name of the state so that it does not come last alphabetically, officials said. This comes after the chief minister got to speak last at the Inter-State Council Meeting earlier this month, according to The Indian Express.

This seems to be an bizarre idea if the government wants the name to be changed just because it comes alphabetically late.

West Bengal has always been a wonderfully anachronistic name for a state, confusing youngsters all over the country. It was a useful reminder of the state’s complex history, and an assertion of Bengali nationhood that transcends borders. Even if India and Bangladesh were two separate countries the fact that West Bengal retained its geographical title – a consequence of Partition – was a nod to the once undivided province of Bengal. That will no longer be the case. The West Bengal cabinet, headed by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Tuesday decided that it would rename the state.

A lot of people were amused by the idea so it was obvious that they speak about the decision on Twitter :

But that wasn’t all the Cabinet decided. They also decided to alter a decision by an earlier government, also headed by Banerjee, to change the Bengali name to Poschimbongo (West Bengal), again dropping the direction. In this case, the Cabinet has suggested two Bengali names for the state: Bangla and Bongo.

As you might expect, that second one prompted plenty of reactions. Union Minister Babul Supriyo stated the obvious.

One Twitterati decided to point out all the other things that happen to have the same name :

While others were just generally aghast at the thought that the state would now be called Bongo.

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