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News Watch Video, Man Attacked By A Bear After He Teased It With...

Watch Video, Man Attacked By A Bear After He Teased It With Food

A deadly bear brutally attacked a man who teased it by dangling food in its jaw. 36-year-old, Naiphum Promratee, had decided to visit the temple in rural Phetchabun province, Thailand, with his 4 friends.

There were a number of wild pigs enclosed in a small enclosure which was kept there to feed the bear (by any tourist if he/she wants to).

But Naiphum began teasing the bear with the food when he reached into the enclosure. In response to it, the bear stood on its legs and attacked him. Bear started dragging him into the enclosure and tearing off his flesh with its teeth.

After many efforts, the man’s friends eventually distracted the beast and jumped into the enclosure to dragged him out.

 Man Attacked By A Bear After He Teased It With Food
Source: Daily Mail

According to The Sun, Bpae Permpoonsap, from the Khon Khao Koo Pai rescue service said: “We received a report today of a bear attack at 11.10am. The bear was among other creatures being raised by monks at the temple. The man had gone to the temple with four or five friends and he was toying with the bear.”

Permpoonsap further added: “It pulled him in and attacked him. We arrived and found the man injured seriously. He had been with his friends and wanted to feed the animals. He was lucky to survive and he is in hospital now and able to talk.’’


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