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High Life Man Fell Into A Coma And Woke Up In The Year 3,906

Man Fell Into A Coma And Woke Up In The Year 3,906

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In Geneva, Paul Dienach had become a victim to a disease and fell into a coma in 1921. After one year when he woke up he said that his compunction had gone into a man who was living in the year 3906. Paul wrote down everything that he saw and felt during this time and then published that diary into a book titled, Chronicles of the Future.


According to the, Dienach became a victim of lethargic encephalitis and fell into a coma, where he remained in hospital in Geneva for one year. After he came out of the coma, he said he was in the body of a man by the name of Andrew Northman, in the year 3906.

What is strange and which ties in with the claims of Dienach is that during the time he was in the coma, in 3906 Northman had suffered a serious accident and was said to have had a near-death experience.

Man Fell Into A Coma And Woke Up In The Year 3,906

When Northman woke up he started speaking in a language that was said to be 20th century Swiss. He didn’t recognise any of his family members and he wasn’t able to go to sleep, he remained perpetually awake.

At the age of 36, his health deteriorated and he made the move to Greece in 1922 where he began teaching and met a student with the name of George Papahatzis. In 1924 Dienach passed away after contracting tuberculosis, and Papahatzis then translated the diary, taking him over 14 years to do so.

But was it an actual diary or was it nothing more than dreams of a man in a coma?

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