Chilaxx Man Filmed Having Sex With Three Motobikes

Man Filmed Having Sex With Three Motobikes

This is a disgusting moment when a pervert was caught in camera having sex with motorbike. The man spotted the 50cc Honda and spent two minutes walk around the moped before making a large slit in the black leather seat.

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He then opens the zipper and mounts the machine facing backwards and penetrating it for two minutes. But the man flees after being disturbed.

Student Piyarat Manomaihataitip, who recorded the CCTV clip, said it as the second time when the man had been filmed committing filthy acts with motorbikes. He said another motorcycle had been found with a hole cut into the seat on February 27 and cameras showed a similar situation.

Piyarat said: “He wants to make love to the motorbikes. I think he wants everybody to know exactly he does. We can help him by sharing his disgusting act in public. Now he’s well-known as the man who likes to attack motorbikes. If anybody recognises him they need to tell us so we can catch him. People need to be careful with their motorbikes, to make sure they’re secure.”

Man Filmed Having Sex With Three Motobikes
Image Source: Viral Press

Piyarat further added that he has also stolen underwear hanging outside the rooms of university. He has reported the incident to the police who are trying to identify the man by the footage.

Last a year a man was filmed in China making love to a drainpipe outside a stranger’s home. The video was uploaded on social media and went viral.

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