News 3 Women Kidnapped And Gang-Raped A 23 Year Old Man For 3...

3 Women Kidnapped And Gang-Raped A 23 Year Old Man For 3 Days

In Eastern Pretoria, South Africa, a 23-year-old man was kidnapped and raped by three women for three days. In his statement to the police, the man said that he boarded a 15-seater communal taxi from Solomon Mahlangu Drive towards Pretoria CBD. Three young women were already traveling, after some time the man was told by the taxi driver to get in the front seat.

3 Women Kidnapped And Gang-Raped A 23 Year Old Man For 3 Days
Source: India Today

One of the women then forcibly injected an unknown substance in his body which caused him to pass out. According to the IBTimes UK, South African Police Service Captain Colette Weilbach said: “He stated that he woke up in an unfamiliar room on a single bed. The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink an energy drink’ before taking turns raping him numerous times a day.”

She further added: “The South African Police Service (SAPS) take all sexual offenses seriously regardless of gender. The Tshwane Central Cluster FCS assures all victims of these types of crimes that they will carry out robust investigations to bring offenders to justice.”

man raped by 3 women
Source: The Sun

As per reported by Rees Mann of the South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, about 20% of the crimes reported are against men.

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