Watch Luke Aikins : Man Jumped From 25,000 Feet Without A Parachute...

Watch Luke Aikins : Man Jumped From 25,000 Feet Without A Parachute & Survived The Landing

Luke Aikins is a skydiver who is a safety and training advisor for the United States Parachute Association, and who has performed stunts on movies, for example, Iron Man 3. The previous night, he turned into the first individual to bounce out of a plane without a parachute or wing suit and survive the landing.

The stunt is nothing short of amazing: leap out of an airplane at 25,000 feet (most skydivers jump at around 13,000 feet) without any sort of parachute or wing suit to slow his fall. To survive, he dropped into a 10,000 square foot net only a third the size of a football field. On top of all that, the entire jump was shown live.

Aikins was helped by three fellow skydivers and a GPS unit to guide him to the net in the California desert. Just before he hit the net, he flipped onto his back and landed securely.

As cheers erupted, Aikins quickly climbed out, walked over and hugged his wife, Monica, who had been watching from the ground with their 4-year-old son, Logan, and other family members.

Aikins had previously been ordered to wear a parachute, but had indicated that he wouldn’t open it on the drop. On the flight to his drop altitude, he was told that he could jump without it.

Mr Aikins spent a year-and-a-half preparing the death-defying feat, plummeting at 193 kilometres per hour in Simi Valley, California located 30 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, US.

Skydiver Luke Aikins

The 42-year-old has made more than 18,000 skydiving jumps and runs a skydiving school in Washington state.

Additionally a plane and helicopter pilot, Mr Aikins made his first coupled jumps when he was 12, taking after with his first solo jump four years after the fact.

Watch The Full Video Here :

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