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High Life Man Or Woman? Who Enjoys Sex More?

Man Or Woman? Who Enjoys Sex More?

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Sex is very important in a relationship. Many people have an opinion that men think about getting intimate with their partner multiple times a day. It is not completely true as women too enjoy sex as much as men do. The following theories will definitely clear your mind.

According To Mahabharata

Man Or Woman? Who Enjoys Sex More?
Source: India.com

There was a famous conversation between Bhishma and Yudhishtra from Mahabharata.

Yudhishthira asked:

“When men and women have sexual intercourse, which one of them experience greater pleasure? It would be appropriate for you to clear my doubts about this, sire.”

Bhishma replied: “In older times, there was a king named Bhangashvana. He was born a man and had many children. But he then irritated lord Indra who turned him into a woman. So he had sex both as man and woman and concluded that woman gets more pleasure than a man.”

According To Greek Mythology

man or woman who enjoys sex more
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King and queen of the Olympians, Zeus and Hera wonder who gets more sexual pleasure. A prophet Tiresias accidentally kills the female of a pair of copulating snakes and is cursed to be a woman, he then had sex with men. After some time, he kills the male of a pair of copulating serpents and is restored to the male form. He finally concluded that women enjoy more sex than men.

According To Irish Mythology

man or woman who enjoys sex more

A man who was also converted into a woman and had sex with both men and women does not reveal what gave him more pleasure but instead twisted his answer a bit.

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