News Man Tries To Set Kaaba On Fire In Mecca

Man Tries To Set Kaaba On Fire In Mecca

Police in Saudi Arabia has arrested a man who tried to set Kaaba on fire. It is located in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Ghazi Darweesh, an eyewitness said to a local daily:-

“As I was circling the Kaaba at around 11:40pm on Monday, I saw a man pouring gasoline from a bottle on Kaaba and uttering takfiri expressions [pronouncing that someone or something is un-Islamic]”

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He further added:- “I immediately held him and called for assistance from the people around me. The security men rushed to the scene and took him away.”

Also, the daily has confirmed that the incident occurred at 11 p.m., on Monday. Muslims believe the Kaaba was originally built by Abraham and Ishmael who also placed the sacred black stone in one of its corners.

Muslims in Kaaba

Kaaba is central for all Muslims who are required to look its direction when they perform their prayers five times a day, and during the haj or Umrah, pilgrims walk counterclockwise around it seven times.

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