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OMG! A Man Was Donating Sperms Via Facebook Now Becomes Father of 22 Children

A man has become the father of 22 children after he illegally donated sperm to women he met on Facebook. This weird case is from Britain where the Glasgow-based donor said he can be the “first resort” for women who want to have a baby, and admitted to donating to 50 women.

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The donor, using the fake name Anthony Fletcher, claims to have donated to more than 50 women who traveled from across the UK in order to have a baby. Mr Fletcher does not charge women for his sperm, and says he was inspired to donate five years ago to help those who could not have a family of their own. He is 39 years old university graduate.

The man admitted that he started donating in 2013 out of a “genuine desire” to help women who want children but can’t become mothers for various other reasons. He then turned to Facebook, telling the paper:

“If they’ve come to me, they have already reached that point where they want to go ahead, almost no matter what – their minds are made up. Most people may think that women come to me as a last resort but that’s not really the case, I’ve found I can be the first resort. A lot of them are not well off and so can’t afford to go to a private clinic, while others may have been knocked back by the NHS.”

Source: The Sun

His Facebook post reads;

He further wrote,

“I’m still available to help more women get pregnant. I’m happy to donate to single women, same-sex couples, and women in ­heterosexual relationships. Be sure to let me know your rough location, your age, your relationship status, and the ­donation method you’re looking for. I do NOT charge for donations.”

He further said that the process is simple, as the women can reach at a specific location near where he’s based and he then “hands over” the specimen. But it is against the law in the UK to distribute or procure sperm and eggs without a license. Not only this, donors are also restricted to donating to no more than 10 ­families.

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