High Life World's Biggest Dustbin: No Matter From Where The Garbage Belongs It Gets...

World’s Biggest Dustbin: No Matter From Where The Garbage Belongs It Gets Dumped Into This City

Did you know? Sweden is the cleanest country in the world. It is because the least garbage in the world is found in Sweden. But there exists a place which is totally opposite to it. We are talking about Manshiyat Naser, which is known as the Garbage City of the world.

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Being Egypt’s largest concentration of Zabbaleen garbage collectors, its economy revolves around the collection and recycling of the city’s garbage. Although Manshiyat Naser has streets, shops, and apartments as other areas of the city, it lacks infrastructure and often has no running water, sewers, or electricity.

The slum’s current condition is worst because the whole city of Egypt dumps its trash at Garbage City.  On one part, why is Cairo (Egypt’s capital) dumping all its trash in a “city”? But on the other hand, maybe that trash is a “blessing” for the slum as it’s their source of income. Since they’ve been able to generate an economy out of the collection and recycling of garbage.

Decrepit structures, trash-cluttered homes and piles of garbage in every corner – this is a normal scene in Manshiyat Naser, the Garbage City of Egypt. The living conditions may be harsh for many people.

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