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Superstar Aamir Khan’s Brother is Spending Life of Anonymity in The Mountains After Quitting Bollywood

Director Mansoor Khan who made his cousin Aamir Khan superstar with film Qayamat Se Qyamat Tak is staying away from the limelight. It’s been a quite few time now. His last film as a producer was Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. But the question where is this ace director-producer is now living?

Mansoor Khan decided to leave the star-spangled life of tinsel town to don the muddy boots of a farmer. Mansoor has been living in Nilgiri hills, in the small town of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu for nearly 15 years. He started a business of making cheese here. Mansoor bought 7 acres with the only money he had left from his life as a Bollywood director, put all his life savings into buying a piece of land he could call his own. He bought seven cows and two goats. Some may find his life idyllic, others may call him a maverick, but Mansoor Khan is doing what he always wanted to do- own a piece of land and live off it.

But why did Mansoor quit films for the business of cheese? In response to this question, during an interview, he said,

“It was not a sudden decision, but from childhood, I wanted to do any such business. We had some land in Panvel (near Mumbai), which was close to our hearts. I and my sister used to go there and used to plant ladyfingers. I attended IIT, Cornell, and MIT but was not happy inside. Papa (Nasir Hussain) advised me to join movies. Even then my main purpose was to stay connected with the farming business. Doing films that time was only to gather some money to live a life I always wanted.”

He chose for resettlement in Connor because he always liked this place. Green everywhere and into the hills and what else a man could need? Mansoor lives here with his wife Tina and two children son Pablo and daughter Zayn. And above all he is happy!


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